Based in sunny Oro Valley just north of Tucson, Arizona, with an inspiring view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, for nearly two decades, we have edited, formatted, and produced award-winning fiction, beautiful pictorial poetry, historical essay books, biographies, and illustrated children's books.

Writing is Art. Each word paints a picture.

To us, writing is far more than pouring your ideas onto a page. Writing is a passion. It flows from creative energy inside where imagined characters feel just as vivid as physical art.

Rough drafts are wild turbulent creatures born from pure inspiration. With patient loving care, the untamed becomes elegant. We take those raw manuscripts, see the hidden beauty, then polish each word until it shines.

I will write until not a single word remains in my soul, until every story in my heart has been told, until my mind's well of ideas is bone dry, and even then I'll write on because writing is not just something I do, but part of who I am.

From First Draft to Polished Publication

Our Executive Editor, Leslie D. Stuart, has nearly two decades of experience in the book industry. In addition to business management and her editorial work with Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC, she is also an Author and has knowledgeable skills as a developmental, copyeditor, and substantive editor.

Through our sister company, Destiny Rose Editorial Services, she can be hired by independent authors to edit their manuscripts.