Author, Speaker & Poet

Lisa G. Samia

Lisa G. Samia is an Award-Winning Poet & Author who researches, writes, and lectures on American Civil War History. Her latest accomplishments are being selected as the National Parks Arts Foundation’s Artist in Residence for Gettysburg National Battlefield Park 2020 & National Parks Service’s Artist in Residence for Manassas National Battlefield Park 2021, both for her Civil War Poetry.

The Nameless & The Faceless of the Civil War

A collection of 28 poems and 28 essays along with a selection of historical photos, sketches, and quotes dedicated to the lost and forgotten of the Civil War. Selections within this work earned Lisa Samia the award of FINALIST for the Artist in Residence Program for the National Parks Arts Foundation Gettysburg Poetry 2018. Each poem is a narrative, a story told by an imagined person who is witnessing and experiencing some event during the Civil War.

The corresponding essays are the factual representation as provided by history, along with the Author's thoughts and feelings. Through the narration with rhyme of the poem and the historical essays bring forth these lost and forgotten voices giving them a chance to be heard, to tell their story and live again.