Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC

It all began...

...with an editing class that sparked my interest. Hey, I was pretty good at this! Hi, this is Leslie Stuart, the owner and Executive Editor for Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC.

I love learning and I love reading. As a passionate Student of Life with a dedicated "I can do it" attitude and a fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit, this job is a dream come true.

In the early 2000s, I co-owned an aromatherapy company, Celebrations of Nature LLC. Our handcrafted soaps, lotions, and essential oil kits were popular on eBay, Etsy, and craft fairs. This was my first entrepreneurial experience.

But words have always been my creative canvas. The pull toward books was strong. After successfully completing a few freelance editing projects, I was hooked. I started editing full-time. In 2006, I created a website and officially opened Destiny Rose Editorial Services.

Meanwhile, the Author in me was stirring. I had ideas—big ideas—about characters and scenes, conversations, and conflicts. Writing was exciting and the world of words took over. My first book was contracted through a mid-sized publisher. I kept editing and learning, studying more about business management. By the time I obtained my author rights back on Roses in Winter, my own publishing company was up and running.

Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC officially opened in 2013 and we've been polishing books ever since.